Lowa has demonstrated diversification within the Commercial sector project managing LED lighting solutions for offices, clubs, restaurants, retails shops and other businesses.

Lowa’s expertise in these areas can assist with the reduction in Energy Costs and the dramatic reduction in maintenance cost involved with changing and maintaining old inefficient lighting.

Lowa have completed numerous Led upgrades in this sector with paybacks ranging from six months to twenty-four months.


Lowa’s strata/carpark LED Luminaires are an all in one solution. Integrated in built smart lighting luminaires give customers full control of the area lighting.

Carparks the majority of the time are only occupied 10% of the time. Lowa’s luminaires all come with built in motion sensors and daylight enhancing sensors, meaning lighting will only activate when required.

Lowa achieves potential savings of up to 90% and aims to achieve paybacks within 1-2 years.

Lowa’s has the capability to complete in –house lighting designs for its LED upgrades which take into account Australian standards and Australian building code compliance.


Lowa has developed a high performance industrial range that can be universally adopted to all industrial applications. Suitable for warehousing and factory facilities all products offer savings of up to 90% and paybacks between 1-2 years.

Lowa offers 5 year warranty on all our industrial range with the option for 10. All products are designed specifically for the tough conditions.

All project LED upgrades take into account Australian standards and Australian building code compliance.


Lowa has had extensive experience with the Australian Private Health sector, working with various Health Care Groups to successfully complete both minor and major LED upgrades of sites including medical centres, pathologies and larger hospital sites.


Lowa has capabilities to develop with its Onelight range specific architectural lighting products and solutions for the Australian market.

Unrivalled experience and expertise see’s support to professional designers, engineers and architects for all luminaire requirements in the commercial lighting sector.

Lowa provides specialised European back luminaires with optimum quality and outstanding performance for all facets of commercial and architectural fit outs.


Lowa has developed a suitable product range with the flexibility for various luminaire applications. Both internal and external fittings are available.