About Us

Lowa Lighting is a proudly Australian owned and operated company dedicated to changing the landscape of the lighting industry.

Lowa was founded in 2006 in response to the steady rise of LED technology and the increasing demand for premium quality, long lasting LED lighting products.

Today Lowa Lighting has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of commercial LED lighting, working with various end users to minimise their energy usage and environmental impact.

All products utilise the latest LED technology to offer greater benefits than current conventional lighting solutions. Products demonstrate very consistent illumination and have a significantly longer life span than common light sources. With a wide range of installer options, Lowa products are styled to suit consumer needs and are applicable to any business environment, from SMEs to larger commercial and corporate workplaces.

At Lowa, we believe LED products are essential to maintain ongoing excellence in the commercial lighting sector. Our project management team is dedicated to providing exceptional lighting solutions with long term benefits for your business. Offering a turnkey solution from audit all the way to installation, creating a fully integrated, end-to-end service.

Our Clients